Reusable Hook and Loop Fastening Velcro Cable Ties
  • Reusable Hook and Loop Fastening Velcro Cable Ties

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    Model: ASHKLP2012
    Product Description

    Say Goodbye to Cable Mess!
    •Frustrated with messy cables under and around your desk?
    •Can't find that missing cable that you know you have?
    •Can't get your cables neatly organized?
    •Worried about your pets getting into or chewing on your wires?
    •Suffering from a jungle of cables growing in your drawers?

    Take control of cord clutter, Loop Velcro Style fasteners can be opened and closed thousands of times and are easily refastened.
    Made of polyethylene hooks and nylon loops.
    They are used for an array of jobs found everywhere wires, cable and cords run.
    Take control of cord clutter. Simply wrap around the cable, then the job is done. reusable and durable.

    Velcro Cable Ties Come to the Rescue! 
    •Easy to use.
    •It's durable, adjustable and reusable.
    •Can be combined if too short or cut to size if too long.
    •Perfect for organizing your cables under your desk, behind your media center, in your drawers, at home and in your office.
    •Will not hurt to ease the high-performance cable

    Can be Used with All Types of Cables:
    •speaker cables, guitar cables, TV cables, microphone mic, computer cables, USB cables, power cords, cell phone chargers, Audio cables, headphones,and much more.
    Best in Quality and Design:
    •These cable ties are made of a self-attaching hook and loop material popularized by products, reusable and durable.
    •T-shape eyelet design,Not lose your ties when loose your tied up cables. 
    • Dimension: 200mm x 12mm(8" x 0.5")
    • Colors: blue,yellow,green,red,black,white(optional)
    • Material: Nylon & velcro attachments 
    • Application: Organize your wires and cables with reusable hook and loop fastening velcro cable ties
    •Qty: 20 x VelcroMaster Velcro Cable Ties

    Order Information
    Model WidIth
    Bundle diameter
    Std.Pkg pcs
    ASHKLP150 12 150 5-30 10
    ASHKLP200 12 200 5-40 10


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