S/FTP Shielded Twisted Pair Installation Cat 7 Cable
  • S/FTP Shielded Twisted Pair Installation Cat 7 Cable

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    IEC/ISO 61156-5       
    ISO/IEC 11801       
    Suitable for structured premises cabling.       
    For transmission of digital and analogue voice and data signals.       
    Especially suitable for all Class F applications.       
    ISDN,Ethernet 10 Base-T,Fast Ethernet 100 Base-T,Gigabit Ethernet 100 Base-T,10G Base-T.(IEEE 802.3)       
    Token Ring4/16Mbit/s,TP-PMD/TP/DDI 125Mbit/s,ATM 155Mbit/s.(IEEE 802.5)       
    Electrical Characteristics       
    Impedance:4-100Mhz 100±15(ohms)       
              100-200Mhz 100±22(ohms)       
              200-1000Mhz 100±32(ohms)       
    Max. Counductor DC Resistance 20℃:8.4(ohms/100m)       
    Resistance unbalance(%):max 2.5.       
    Pair-to Ground Capacitance Unbalance:330(pF/100m).       
    Transfer Impendance:Max 10 mohms/m@100Mhz.       
    Coupling Attenuation:Min 80dB.       
    Installation temperature:0-50℃.       
    Operation temperature:-20-60℃.       

    Conductor Solid Bare Copper 23AWG
    Insulation PE(Skin-Foam-Skin)
    Total number of insulated conductors    8,twisted in 4 pairs
    Color code blue*white,orange*white,green*white,brown*white
    Individual pair shielded aluminum foil,providing 100% coverage,foil face out
    Overall shield Tinned copper braid
    Drain wire None

    Order information

    Item Outer Jacket Overall diameter
    ASD195-P CMX 8.3±0.3
    ASD195-C CM 8.3±0.3
    ASD195-R CMR 8.3±0.3
    ASD195-L LSZH 8.3±0.3
    ASD195-E LDPE 8.3±0.3


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