Vertical Cable Management
  • Vertical Cable Management

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    19'' racks vetical cable management, cable routing,any patch panels, rack and cabinet mount products.           
    It mounts on standard 19" racks or cabinets and provides a clean, beautiful and simple means of organizing from small to large bundles of cables and patch cord.           
    Easy removable standrd front cover provides cable access and management.

    ●Material: 1.2mm cold-rolled steel            
    ●Color: Black            
    ●Ideal tool to organize and support the vertical cables at the back of your equipment rack.            
    ●Mounts onto a standard 19” rack.            
    ●Light weight, easy to install or remove.            
    ●No assembly required.
    ●Rack Screws Included.   

    Order Information 

    Part Number Height(U) Description Application
    ASVCM32U 32    vertical cable mamagment,32U height    19'',800mm width,32U ASP racks
    ASVCM37U 37 vertical cable mamagment,42U height 19'',800mm width,37U ASP racks
    ASVCM42U 42  vertical cable mamagment,42U height 19'',800mm width,42U ASP racks
    ASVCM47U 47  vertical cable mamagment,47U height  19'',800mm width,47U ASP  racks


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